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    : Ramblers Seek Applicants to Lead Athletic Department
    Superintendent Little made the following announcement to Boyne City Public Schools (BCPS) staff and the community:
    BCPS posted an Athletic Director administrative position to hire for next school year. Over a decade ago, the District made hard financial decisions that affected many positions.  One position that changed was the combination of Assistant Principal and Athletic Director (AD) into one job title, which later joined with a teaching position. The District is looking to restore this position to a full-time Athletic Director for next school year.  It will be viewed as a middle school and high school assignment since the athletic program generally supports grades 7-12, although there are some 5th and 6th-grade programs supported by the District.  
    By redefining the AD position, we will also be reorganizing the other two high school administrative positions.  Karen Jarema will remain the Boyne City High School Principal and she will have expanded duties in terms of district instructional leadership.  John Hertel will move to full-time Student Success Coordinator/Assistant Principal position and he will assume some of the building management responsibilities currently held by Karen Jarema.  The Athletic Department Secretary will remain as it is currently organized. 
    The position is posted February 22. We will look to interview in April with a start date of July 1.  Naturally, as with any leadership change, the transition will be carefully managed to minimize any gaps that could occur when bringing in someone new.  As current Athletic Director, John will work closely with the new AD to ensure a smooth operational transition. 
    Boyne City Public Schools is known as one of the premier athletic programs in northern Michigan.  Athletic success is coupled with academic and character development in every program, for every team.  BCPS is proud to offer a wide variety of athletic choices for student-athletes.  The athletic teams have outstanding support from the community including parents, local businesses, and the Boyne City Booster Foundation.  Youth programs for many sports work with the head coach of each program to ensure continuity of coaching philosophies.  The long tradition of student and community attendance at events continues to be a strong part of being an enthusiastic Rambler.  
    To view the Athletic Director posting, please go to our website: http://boynecity.cyberschool.com/custom/jobs.html 
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