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    Purchase Chamber Checks at the Chamber Office, 
    28 S. Lake Street, Boyne City

    Chamber ChecksThe Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce is changing its Boyne Bucks program to a more user-friendly program called Chamber Checks. Like Boyne Bucks, Chamber Checks also make the ideal "shop local" gift that can be redeemed at nearly any business in the Boyne area. Chamber Checks are issued through Charlevoix State Bank by the Boyne Chamber and are redeemable much like a gift certificate or traveler's check. Chamber Checks make a great gift and encourage purchases at our member businesses. A person can choose where and when to use Chamber Checks, redeeming them at local restaurants, shops, or for professional services. In many ways Chamber Checks function like community-wide gift certificates. Chamber Checks are sold exclusively at the Boyne Chamber office in denominations of $10 and $20. We appreciate advance notice for large orders.
    HOLIDAY BONUSES - Chamber Checks are also a great way to give holiday bonuses to your employees. In fact, just recently the Chamber filled an order for a total of more than $6,000 in Chamber Checks from one local employer.
    EASIER FOR BUSINESSES - Chamber Checks are easier to use since they are an official bank check through Charlevoix State Bank. So when a merchant receives a payment with a Chamber Check, they can deposit it for the full face value in their bank account as they would any other check deposit. No more saving up Boyne Bucks, turning them in to the Chamber, going through an invoice process, and waiting for the money.
    BOYNE BUCKS ARE STILL GOOD and will be redeemable with us for the next 5 years. Businesses should continue to turn in Boyne Bucks as you get them and we will honor them until December 2021.
    QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about Chamber Checks or Boyne Bucks, call the Chamber at 231-582-6222 or email Ashley Cousens, ashley@boynechamber.com.

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