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    About Us: Dock Days - A Bulmann Enterprises Company.

    Since 1998, Bulmann Dock and Lift, and now Dock Days, have been at the forefront of the marine construction business. As a family-owned company based in Boyne City, we have built a thriving and close-knit community dedicated to providing unparalleled boat lift and dock installation services. Our commitment to craftsmanship, unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, and the cultivation of a family-like work environment set us apart. At Dock Days, we take pride in crafting memorable waterfront experiences for our clients.


    Position Overview: Seasonal Boat Lift and Dock Installer

    As a Seasonal Boat Lift and Dock Installer at Dock Days, you'll have the opportunity to become an integral part of our family and contribute to the success of our projects. Join a team that values hard work, dedication, and a shared passion for creating exceptional waterfront spaces. This seasonal position runs from spring through fall and offers the opportunity for multiple bonuses, guaranteed commissions, and a stake in the outcome of our projects.


    This is more than a job; it's a chance to be part of a legacy that has thrived since 1998.


    What You'll Do:

    Here's what your responsibilities will entail:

    1.     Assist in Installation and Assembly:
      • Work alongside experienced team members in the installation and assembly of boat lifts, docks, and related marine structures.
      • Learn and apply proper techniques and procedures to ensure precise and efficient installations.
    2. Collaborate for Project Excellence:
      • Collaborate closely with team members to ensure projects are completed efficiently and meet the highest quality standards.
      • Communicate effectively to contribute ideas and solutions that enhance project outcomes.
    3. Hands-On Problem-Solving:
      • Embrace a hands-on approach to problem-solving, addressing challenges with creativity and resourcefulness.
      • Demonstrate adaptability to overcome unexpected obstacles during installations.
    4. Safety Compliance:
      • Follow safety guidelines and procedures to maintain a secure working environment for yourself and your team.
      • Prioritize safety in all tasks, contributing to a culture of well-being and security at Dock Days.
    5. Contribute to a Supportive Atmosphere:
      • Be an active participant in fostering a close-knit and supportive atmosphere at Dock Days.
      • Collaborate with colleagues to create a positive work environment that values teamwork and camaraderie.



    At Dock Days, we value individuals who embody our commitment to excellence and foster a positive work environment. As a Seasonal Boat Lift and Dock Installer, we are looking for candidates with the following qualifications:

    1. Strong Work Ethic and Positive Attitude:
      • Demonstrate a dedicated and hardworking approach to tasks.
      • Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude, even in challenging situations.
    2. Willingness to Learn and Follow Instructions:
      • Display an eagerness to acquire new skills and knowledge.
      • Follow instructions carefully and execute tasks efficiently.
    3. Ability to Work Well in a Team and Independently:
      • Collaborate effectively with team members to achieve common goals.
      • Demonstrate self-motivation and the capability to work independently when required.
    4. Willingness to Work Overtime and Weekends:
      • Flexibility to work extended hours, including overtime and weekends, as project demands dictate.
      • Adaptable to varying schedules to ensure timely project completion.


    What We Offer:

    At Dock Days, we believe in recognizing and rewarding the dedication of our team members. Join our family and enjoy a range of benefits and incentives that make your experience with us fulfilling and rewarding:

    1. Competitive Seasonal Wages:
      • Earn competitive wages during the seasonal period, with the potential for additional bonuses.
      • Seasonal bonus program and an additional bonus based on the financial health of the company, allowing you to earn a percentage of your wages.
    2. Performance-Driven Raises and Commissions:
      • Earn a potential $0.50 raise at the end of each quarter for the first 8 quarters based on meeting attendance standards.
    3. Opportunities for Continued Employment:
      • Perform well, and you may find opportunities for continued employment based on your performance and dedication.
    4. Hands-On Training and Mentorship:
      • Benefit from hands-on training and mentorship provided by seasoned professionals in the marine industry.
    5. Contribution to Exciting Waterfront Projects:
      • Take pride in contributing to the success of exciting waterfront projects, leaving a lasting impact on the community.
    6. Family-Like Work Environment:
      • Experience a supportive work atmosphere that values teamwork, camaraderie, and mutual respect.
    7. Comprehensive Benefits Package:
      • Enjoy medical, dental, and vision insurance to support your well-being, with the base health plans being FREE for employees.
      • Benefit from short and long-term disability coverage for added security.
    8. Retirement Benefits:
      • Access company-matched retirement benefits, with the company matching your contributions up to 3%, ensuring a secure financial future.


    At Dock Days, we invest in our team members, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling experience as part of our family. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds to apply.

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